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Online Payments

Q. What online payment options may I offer my customers through the Wells Fargo SecureSource Payments service?

A. The Wells Fargo SecureSource Payments service allows its registered Sellers to accept and process payments online from purchasers who pay for goods and services using a credit card or an electronic check.

Q. How do Credit Card Payments work?



  1. Your customer places an order with you (the seller) through any number sales channels: Web site, call center, retail, wireless or broadband.

  2. The Wells Fargo SecureSourcesm Payments service receives the order, securely encrypts the order information forwards an Authorization Request to your customer's Credit Card Issuer or Bank to verify the credit card or checking account and funds availability.

  3. The Wells Fargo SecureSource Payments service returns the Authorization (or Decline) Response to the Online Seller.

  4. When approval for the credit card transaction is received, the order can be fulfilled.

  5. Once the order is shipped, a credit card settlement request is then sent to the Online Seller Account provider.

  6. The Seller Account Provider deposits transaction funds into the appropriate Checking Account.

Q. Which credit cards does the Wells Fargo SecureSource Payments service allow me to accept and process online?

A. The Wells Fargo SecureSource Payments service allows its registered Sellers to accept and process payments online from purchasers who pay for goods and services using Discover®, MasterCard® and VISA®.

Q. What is an electronic check?

A. An electronic check is an important purchase instrument you can offer to your customers for use in purchasing goods and services from you on the Internet.  It works just like a paper check, except is processed electronically and clears faster than a paper check clears.  A customer can use funds from a savings or checking account when paying by electronic check.

Q. What is the benefit of accepting an electronic check?

A. Electronic check is a guaranteed purchase instrument that is a cost-effective alternative to paper checks and credit cards and is based on the terms and conditions on the pricing page.  By providing your customers with the option of paying you online using an electronic check, you can also sell goods and services online to customers who do not have a credit card.

Q. How is an electronic check processed?

A. When your customers purchase from you online using electronic check, they enter checking account information as their method of payment.  All checking account information is securely passed through the Wells Fargo SecureSource Payments service and the transaction is presented to the purchaser's bank for settlement.  After 4 business days, Wells Fargo sends you a payment confirmation e-mail, acknowledging that the payment has cleared.  Electronic check transactions do require sellers to wait until they have received notification that the transaction has cleared before shipping merchandise to their customers.  The electronic check payment is then automatically deposited, based on the funding timeframes you establish, into the bank account you provided in the Online Seller Enrollment Application.  You can access your back-office using Wells Fargo SecureSource Payments service to look up any transaction, payment, and deposit information.

Q. Who can pay me using an electronic check?

A. Today, U.S.-based buyers with U.S.  checking or savings accounts can pay for goods and services processed by the Wells Fargo SecureSource Payments service.

Q. Can my customers stop an electronic check?

A. Once an electronic check payment is initiated, it can only be reversed in the event that it is fraudulent.

Q. What is a BIN or Bank Identification Number?

A. A BIN, or Bank Identification Number, is a number that Discover®, MasterCard® and VISA® issue when they license a bank to issue cards to its customers.

Q. Can I manually process transactions?

A. Yes.  You can manually process transactions using SecureSource Terminal.

Q. Are there browser-specific issues that I need to be aware of when using Wells Fargo SecureSource Payments?

A. You can access the Wells Fargo SecureSource Payments service using any type of browser, including but not limited to Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.

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