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Free Email: Reserve Your Free Email Account and Send Cool Emails Today!!

Free email accounts are offered here. As one of free email service providers, our email service has the following features:

  • Permanent - You won't worry losing important emails or having to change your email address anymore when you find out a better Internet Service Provider

  • Globally Accessible - Check your mailbox and send emails from anywhere around the world and around the clock utilizing a browser

  • Private - Your privacy is 100% guaranteed, and your information will never be released to, sell to or shared with any third party at any time

  • SPAM-Free - Nobody would be able to spam you with lots of unwanted emails if you keep your email address private

  • Versatile - Many smart utilities or functions are built in our system to power your cyber communication and give you convenience

  • Spacious - The storage space of 6MB is definitely enough for most people, and if, however, you need more just open another account

  • Free - Cost free is the benefit you're looking for so that you have found us 

Have you been convinced so far? If yes please click FREE EMAILS to reserve your free email account now and start to send cool and fun emails today!  If not, keep reading on...

Let's show you what smart utilities or options we have and you may choose from:

  • Signature - Customize a signature to append to every message you send out, and this can be an effective marketing tool 

  • External POP Mail - Configure Mail through this interface to read from all your different POP email

  • Email Notification - Receive a notice at another email address when you have new mail coming in

  • Preferences - Customize your alias and reply address, and how you want to manage your messages

  • Block Filters - Sort incoming mail into different folders and block email from unwanted addresses

  • Bulk Mail Handling - Keep your INBOX clean by sending bulk mail to another place and save you lots of time   

"Not bad! It sounds that I could sleep like a baby with your secure, private and convenient email service, but I've already got an email account with a company for a while and I'm happy with it. Do I really need to open a new one with you?"  

Well, it's up to you, but one or two extra email accounts won't hurt anyway, will they?  We do, however, see benefits of owning multiple email accounts for different usage... 

For instance, you may have registered or will register free homepage in's free hosting community, say, it's called "". Is it nicer meantime to register a free email named "" and put it on your homepage?  Sure it is.  You make it easier for your visitors to memorize both your sub-domain and email address so that they may come to your site often and contact you conveniently.  And for yourself, every time an email notice tells you that an email has been received in "", you know it's a response to your homepage or from a fellow webmaster whom you've known through your website.

Another situation you need an extra email account is that some guys out there may send you lots of unwanted emails to offer so called 'business opportunities". If you're not interested in making "fast money" or even taking "free money" fell off sky, or you simply don't have time to read them, whatever, you surely need a separate email account to handle those emails. 

Suppose you would like to try Free-for-All link pages, submitting your website to thousands of FFAs. In this situation you got to provide them with a special email address should you not want to see your main email account exploded by hundreds of "confirmation" emails. You know what, you can conveniently select and delete those unwanted emails much, much faster with our web based email system than many other MAJOR email service providers', saving you a lot of time. It's cool, isn't it?!

So just give us a try. Sign up your free email now and compare it with others!  

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